Saturday, March 23, 2013

111 markers

One of our number has upgraded to Y-DNA111.
Results not yet complete, but the result grid has been widened in anticipation.
Took the opportunity to tidy up a few loose ends in the process, such as:
  • checking & updating the Genetic Distances between project members given FamilyTree DNA have improved their matching routines
  • updating the predicted and confirmed haplogroups to the latest terminology, particularly on the detailed project pages, although the predicted ones still show R1b1a2 aka  R-M269
  • adding the FamilyTree DNA result table as an alternate view on the Summary Results page (not linked to families as the custom table above it is)
This review also led to considering whether or not we might be able to pinpoint how long ago the Irish and the Southdean SINTON lines diverged.

With the rapidly growing knowledge of the overall Y-DNA tree of mankind some of the branches are becoming defined almost down to where papertrails may begin - well we wish!
Stephen (S-3) undertook the Y-Deep Clade test some time ago and his terminal SNP is currently defined as R-P312 (aka R1b1a2a1a1b), which is also likely to apply to his matches.   

It would be good to also get one of the Irish representatives up to at least 67 markers and check to see, at the very least, if they are from the same branch of the Y-DNA R haplogroup tree

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