Friday, December 31, 2010


Possibly we're all FORDs!
A new member popped out of the woodwork today.
At this stage nothing is known about his ancestry, other than his great grandfather Philip H FORD was from Arkansas born Scotland, and that he is GD3 to Peter (S-1) at 67 markers, which distance is made up from two mutations on one marker (CDYb), and the other as he is on modal for Lineage 1 at marker 449.
99% chance of a shared ancestor within 16 generations!

Both the summary result and the supplementary pages result grids have been updated, the former belatedly also including Theo (S-7)'s results as a catchup.

Still a few hours left for the discount promotion if you are a direct male line SINTON interested in seeing if you match anyone (see previous post)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

11th: A pattern emerges

With the full Y-DNA37 results now in for our latest recruit - Theo (S-7) we can see that the Irish contingent can be distinguished from their matching Southdean lineages by 576=20 and CDYb=39, as opposed to the modal values of 19 and 40 respectively.

As shown on Theo's page, our paper trails do appear to be beating the odds when compared against the theoretical Time to Most Recent Common Ancestor (TMRCA) percentages given by Family Tree DNA's scientific results without the paper trails.

The relevant supplementary pages have been updated (and a "like on facebook" button added to the footers - be the first!).

If you are direct male line SINTON and are thinking of joining in this voyage of discovery, now would be a good time.
Family Tree DNA have announced discounts until the end of December.
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