Monday, August 26, 2013

SINTONs of Dalston, Cumberland (ENG)

A Y-DNA oriented outline pedigree for the family of Joseph  & Mary (HEAD) SINTON of Dalston, Cumberland, England has been added to the Patriarchs page of the SINTON Surname DNA pages on the WorldFamilies Network.
One of the lines shown emigrated to New Zealand in 1880, the other moved to Newcastle and Durham, England.
If anyone can claim direct male line descent from Joseph, please do consider joining the SINTON Surname DNA project (preferably a Y-DNA37 test) so that we can explore any potential relationships with other SINTON branches.
If you are a descendant, but not a direct male line, never fear, try FamilyFinder instead and who knows what we might all learn.

Click here to read about and join the SINTON Surname DNA project.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

111 markers

One of our number has upgraded to Y-DNA111.
Results not yet complete, but the result grid has been widened in anticipation.
Took the opportunity to tidy up a few loose ends in the process, such as:
  • checking & updating the Genetic Distances between project members given FamilyTree DNA have improved their matching routines
  • updating the predicted and confirmed haplogroups to the latest terminology, particularly on the detailed project pages, although the predicted ones still show R1b1a2 aka  R-M269
  • adding the FamilyTree DNA result table as an alternate view on the Summary Results page (not linked to families as the custom table above it is)
This review also led to considering whether or not we might be able to pinpoint how long ago the Irish and the Southdean SINTON lines diverged.

With the rapidly growing knowledge of the overall Y-DNA tree of mankind some of the branches are becoming defined almost down to where papertrails may begin - well we wish!
Stephen (S-3) undertook the Y-Deep Clade test some time ago and his terminal SNP is currently defined as R-P312 (aka R1b1a2a1a1b), which is also likely to apply to his matches.   

It would be good to also get one of the Irish representatives up to at least 67 markers and check to see, at the very least, if they are from the same branch of the Y-DNA R haplogroup tree

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Love to hear from researchers/descendants of  the following families:
  • James & Jean (TROTTER) SINTON of Duns, Berwickshire (1784-1797 at least),
  • Thomas and Elizabeth (CURRY) SINTON of Sunup, Lauder, Berwickshire (1782-1797 at least),
and the following London SINTON siblings born Scotland:
  • George Hay & Mary (JOHNSTON) SINTON - Hampstead nurserymen/seedsmen 
  • William & Elizabeth Mary (MONTAGUE) SINTON - Hampstead gardener
  • Thomas & Agnes (WAIT)/Lily (WIGHT)/and possibly Janet (BLACKET) SINTON - carpenter of Chirnside (1810-1833ish), then Eltham (Kent) & St Pancras

Keep an eye on the DNA Project Patriarchs page as all of the above have had/are having significant updates to the original tree provided.
None are as yet represented in the SINTON Surname DNA Project - can YOU remedy that?

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Tidy up

Realized that one of our results wasn't showing on the Overall SINTON DNA results grid, and that a behind the scenes renumbering for ease of maintenance had not been completed.
Both now remedied,  more of the associated charts converted to the newer interactive format whereby you can collapse / expand branches to get a better picture of those sections of interest to you.
A few broken links also mended, hopefully without creating more.

So, if you have bookmarked certain people of interest, you may need to recreate your bookmarked pages.

Summary Patriarchs page also updated to reflect the renumbering above.

Still looking for direct male line SINTONs to represent their trees - check out the Wanted! pages in particular, but any SINTON tree anywhere, whether shown on these pages or not is most welcome.