Saturday, December 20, 2008

Wanted! updates

Incorporated three more charts and related person data into the Wanted! page:
- Andrew and John, sons of William and Isabella (Scott) SINTON
- John SINTON (married Margaret KAY, and believed to be a son of James & Janet (Oliver) SINTON of Southdean.
Representatives from either of the lines of Andrew and John would be great to help define William's dna fingerprint
And a representative from John's line should confirm his place on the Southdean tree

Friday, December 12, 2008

12th: More results in for Southdean lineage 1

The upgrade results to 37 markers for Stephen (S-3) are in, and have been included in the Results table.

The colour coding on the Results table has been changed to reflect that the "usual" result for marker 449 now looks as if it is 30, rather than the 31 that I had previously assumed when we had fewer tests to compare.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

WFN Updates - Lineage 1a

Made a few updates to the SINTON DNA Project pages, including:
- correcting the pedigree shown for patriarch William (I'd missed out son John, which connected one line up to the wrong son of William and Isabella).
- assigning William and Isabella to Lineage 1a

Also added William to the Wanted! list to reinforce that although we do indeed have a representative of William and Isabella (SCOTT) SINTON's line, it would be good to see where the discrepancies with the Southdean line crept in, before or after William.

Another match! Jedburgh to Southdean

Preliminary results are just in (hot off the press) for the 4th kit, that of a descendant of the Jedburgh SINTONs, William and Isabella (SCOTT) SINTON, who married Hawick c 1804.

12/12 marker match with the Lineage 1 Southdean Sintons.
The 26-37 marker results are also available, and show a couple of markers different to the Southdean lineage 1; The 13-25 marker panel still to come.

Results page and the Roy's pages on the DNA Projects Portal updated but as yet, nothing else.

It would still be good to get a distant cousin of Roy's into the project to see whether the markers showing different to the Southdean ones are a pattern for the Jedburgh Sintons or not. Any takers? Remember that there are discounts until the end of December if you join via the project.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

4th: Irish update

The Irish kit has been returned is awaiting batching, first set of results unlikely to be out until late Jan at earliest.

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