Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Love to hear from researchers/descendants of  the following families:
  • James & Jean (TROTTER) SINTON of Duns, Berwickshire (1784-1797 at least),
  • Thomas and Elizabeth (CURRY) SINTON of Sunup, Lauder, Berwickshire (1782-1797 at least),
and the following London SINTON siblings born Scotland:
  • George Hay & Mary (JOHNSTON) SINTON - Hampstead nurserymen/seedsmen 
  • William & Elizabeth Mary (MONTAGUE) SINTON - Hampstead gardener
  • Thomas & Agnes (WAIT)/Lily (WIGHT)/and possibly Janet (BLACKET) SINTON - carpenter of Chirnside (1810-1833ish), then Eltham (Kent) & St Pancras

Keep an eye on the DNA Project Patriarchs page as all of the above have had/are having significant updates to the original tree provided.
None are as yet represented in the SINTON Surname DNA Project - can YOU remedy that?

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