Friday, December 21, 2018

BigY update

One of the activities that has been happening behind the scenes, V E R Y   S L O W L Y, have been two BigY tests on descendants of James SINTON of Southdean/Abbotrule, Roxburghshire, Scotland.

With those two nailed as on the same branch, how about some descendants of the other lines also upgrading to BigY, eg the Jedburgh branch of William and Isabella (SCOTT) SINTON, or James married Barbary OLIVER?
How good were we at piecing together the tree to connect at the above James of Abbotrule?
Subsidy available AND sale now on until the end of the month.

James' branch on the yDNA tree of mankind has moved around a bit and he is now positioned under R-DF27 down at R-BY61543.
To get a quick view of the "ancestors" of any branch on the DNASurnames site, click on the little pedigree symbol

beside the name of the tester, patriarch or yDNA branch, then on any of the names that are linked.
Most will have weblinks to other yDNA tree sites, such as yFull,  the Big Tree and FamilyTreeDNA's yDNA haplogroup tree to the specific branch (the links take you to the currently appropriate branch on those sites, which may change as analysis proceeds)

eg for James his 'ancestors' are:
where R-ZZ12 is under R-DF27
Which can all be accessed from the Haplogroup charts from the menu on

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